zaterdag 17 maart 2012

Dong Ding Ming Xiang

The sober setup for today
Today I'm going to review another tea from Taiwan sample and it's a 2011 winter harvest Dong Ding Ming Xiang. I knew today was going to be a grey,cloudy day so I wanted to drink a more oxidized, sweet, full bodied tea. It's an organic grown oolong tea at around 743m in Nantou county. They say that the tea gets it exquisite aroma from the cicadas who leave secretions on the leafs. I don't know if this story is true but I know it's an excellent tea!

The tea looks dark green with some more dark green and black spots. I think they might be slightly roasted but I'm too sure of that because I've never had a real roasted oolong before. (Except for an aged oolong). When I quickly rinsed the tea and took a smell of the leaves they secreted such a nice odor of sweet, flowery parfum and also this hint of sour-sweet sauce!

Nice, dark brew
The first steep which took about 45seconds was very sweet and fruity with hints of peaches and apricot. The second steep was slightly longer (about 55seconds) and was much more floral. It was more in balance I would say than the first steep which was overpowered by sweet fruity flavours. This tea had a really amazing 'body' in the first 2 steeps and was very thick in the mouth.The 3rd steep was much more refreshing and very subtile. It left this light, perfumy odor in my mouth which kept lingering around for a while.
The 4th steep took more than 2 minutes and was more bitter and nutty, not bad but not good either. I can feel it's losing some of it's potential already though the fifth steep was very surprising. Instead of a bitter liquor it turned into a very pure, subtile and refreshing sournesswith some hints of raspberries. The sixth and last steep which took about 30min. was quite simular to the fith one but had a much higher acidity which was a perfect thirstquincher.

The leafs look dark and are medium oxidized. They feel very rough and stiff, probably these are more older leafs but there are some younger ones with buds aswell. All in all this was an excellent tea and it couldn't be more perfect for such a grey day. The more darker aroma, the mellow taste, the full body... you could perfectly compare this to a highlang whisky which are sweet, thick in body and very nice on a slightly colder,cloudy day.

I just love this cup, its imperfectness

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