donderdag 15 maart 2012

Shi Zuo

Today I'm going to write 2 new blogs each describing a sample from Tea from Taiwan. The first one I will review is the Shi Zuo from the Alishan region. I drank it a couple of days ago but luckily I wrote down everything already in my tealog.

View from the yard
This Shi Zuo tea is as I already said a tea from Alishan and is grown at an altitude of aprox. 1300m. The cultiver of this tea is "Wu Long Wei" and it's harvested in the winter of 2011. It was a beautiful day so I went to sit outside and enjoy the incredible sunny weather for this time of the year. The sky was blue and contained some beautiful white clouds. This together with a nice cup of tea is mankind's best medicine against stress or a bad mood.

Little taste 'bombs'
On Stephane's blog I read about storing tea in a porcelain jar as some sort of wine decanter before you consume the tea. So the day in advance I putted some Shi Zuo tea into a porcelain pot and let it sit there for aobut 1day/1night. I was pretty sceptical about it because what would make the difference? And as soon as I opened the pot next day I already was amased by the exquisite aroma coming out of the pot. Wow, this tea smells so much better than before! I went to sit outside and I examined the tea thoroughly, oolong tea is something so pretty and fascinating. These tiny little balls, a little bit sticky with such an incredible odor.

So now... enough introduction of this tea, lets get to the drinking part! I started with a 40sec first steep and the taste was pretty sweet and vegetal with some hints of ripe mango and citrus. It had a incredible long aftertaste for the first steep. Wow, this tea was pretty disappointed when it came right of the vacuum pack (as many other teas) but now it seems like a total, new different tea with so many nuances! When I first smelled the tea I felt lke I was walking in a oasing with clear, blue water and jungle trees.
The second steep (50s) was much softer and less refreshing but still very nice. In the 3rd steep (1min) the tea  got even more smooth and there were some hints of citrus. I also found this little bug in my tea, maybe it was on the leafs? I guess this is a good sign that they didn't use any pesticides on this tea.
For the 4th steep I used slightly colder water and I steeped it for a longer time of period. I got more citrus flavours together with a more floral tone and even some fruitiness on the aftertaste. The fifth and last steep was fruity but it already started to weak down a little bit.
My little spot
All in all this tea was pretty good, one of the best I had so far but even this tea seemed to be nothing compared to tea I drank today from the same region. I will review that one in a few hours because right now the sun is shining again, the birds are singing even more melodies and the temperature is rising! Life can be good....

Very refreshing light liquid and small, perfumy leafs: perfect for the first sunny day of the year

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