vrijdag 16 maart 2012

Zhong Shu Hu

First one of the year
I didn't write much yesterday because it was an amazingly beautiful day. It was the warmest 15 march since 1890 orso so I wanted to capture every last bit of sunshine with my body and soul. Around noon I had tried this lovely sample from tea from Taiwan which I stored in my porcelain pot for a few days. The sun was so intense I started to get sweaty with my longs jeans and black T-shirt. I didn't take any note of the tea because I just wanted to enjoy the moment without any other distractions so I'm just writing from memory.

This Taiwanese Oolong is also from the Alishan region and grown above 1300m of altitude. It's harvested like all the other samples in the winter of 2011. The colour of the brew was much more intense and darker than the previos tea I reviewed.                        
Lovely, sweet Oolong tea
The first sip was just astonishing, I just keep getting surprised by this oolong teas. Every single time I think it can't get any better than this but it does... And to be honest, this was the real first oolong I tried who had such a big taste evolution during the different steeps. One moment it was sweet and fruity while the next steep it was sour and flowery. The first steep was pretty sweet with a hint of nuts.

During the second and 3rd steep it would get less sweet but more refreshing and floral. It was very refreshing during such a warm and hot day. I enjoyed every little sip. Every steep I would pour some tea in this beautiful yixing teacup to let it cool down a little and it would develop such an intense, sweet taste. The 5th steep I poured some colder water in it and let it steep for around 20-30 min and when I poured the tea into my cup and tasted it, it felt like I was drinking peaches. That was the only thing
My new handmade yixing teacup, isn't it pretty?
I could taste: peaches. Isn't that just amazing how a tea can develop so many different flavours? Then the next steep lasted about 40-50min and that one was very light, sour and refreshing. A perfect ending, like the tea knew what I longed for.

Big,strong leaves

So clear but so full of taste

 After my teasession I went back to the town where I study and I had a lovely afternoon and sunset together with a friend and a nice cup of Li Shan tea. I'm so ready for spring!

PS: Sorry, the lay-out got 1 big mess for one reason. Please be patient with me!

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