donderdag 12 april 2012

Instinctive tea

Today's blog might be somewhat different than my usual blogs but I hope it will be atleast as interesting. I'm not going to review any tea today nor will I post pictures but hopefully I will be able to interest you with the words I'm going to write.

For the first time in many days the sun was shining again. It wasn't very warm because of the wind but still I went outside to make some tea. I think making tea outside in the sunshine, hearing the birds sing, seeing the flowers blossom and feeling the wind cooling your body is one of the most enjoying things in life. At such moments you really feel that you're living. But what me suddenly stroke today was the thought of how instinctive tea actually is. Now I know you people may wonder now: what the hell is he talking about? Well let me explain to you.

Today was a sunny a day but not too sunny or warm so I grabbed for a slightly more oxizided high mountain oolong. I didn't put that much tea in the pot, just a little because I wasn't up for a strong brew. And when I was drinking my first cup of tea I realised what I've done. I instinctively copied my mood and the change of season into my cup of tea. Because today was such a sunny day but with lots of clouds and wind I chose for thise slightly higher oxidized tea to connect with both changing types of weather. Because I didn't use that much tea the leafs had all the space to open up and grow to beautiful big,thick leafs which would resemble the change of passage. Because the flowerbuds are starting to bloom, the rain is going to stop and the sun is going to take in its place. I found it so fascinating that I chose to do all of those this instinctively without thinking. And I think we always do that, we match our teas with our state of mind, the weather, the seasons etc... But what I found most fascinating is that even 'bad tea' can become world's best tea if it's shared with the right people :)
Can't help it to post one picture (and yes, this is related to tea)

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