maandag 21 mei 2012

TFT-Da Yu Ling

Today's tea on the menu is the Da Yu Ling from Lishan (Taichung county) from Tea from Taiwan, the sample I tried was from the winter harvest. The last time I tried it, a few months ago, I wasn't much impressed by it. I heard 'legendary" stories about it potency and incredible taste so I had my hopes up high when I tried it first and I got disappointed badly. Now I stored it for a few weeks in a porcelain pot that hopefully will improve its taste and I'm going to test it competition style.

When I opened the storagepot I didn't smell that much, the aroma wasn't very strong. Guess it'll all be in the taste! Quickly I poured hot water on 3g of Da Yu Ling and waited (im)patiently for the tea to release all of it's flavors. After 5 min I poured the tea into 3 different cups, just to test which cup will fit best. The left cup is the one I received from George, the middle is made by a good Czech friend of mine and the right one is from Teaworld. When I was pouring the cups I already could smell this sweet, perfumy aroma difusing into the air...mhmmm, can't wait!!! So I took a sip and... uh? What? Wait? Is this it? I was expecting a flavorbomb EXPLODING  into my mouth but all I got was this sweet, little bit bitter but well balanced taste. This couldn't be it, right? For the price of this tea I expected something more than just a sweet balanced taste.

See the colour difference?

 Because I heard that this Da Yu Ling oolong is extremely potent I made another, shorter brew. This time I was pleasantly surprised. It was sweet, smooth with a little greenish/vegetable taste and it coated my tongue, sometimes it felt like I could actually feel the little parts of sugar in my mouth. That was the moment when it struck me: this is where this winter Da Yu Ling is all about! It's not this explosion of flavours but it's this 'energetic' tea that coats and cleans your mouth, that you can feel through your whole body. A tea that sooths you and makes you feel warm from the inside. From that moment on I enjoyed this tea very much because I felt so calm, relaxed and clear at the same time.

I enjoyed drinking this tea the most from the left cup because the edges are more rounded which suits this particular tea perfectly. Though the thing I like about the middle cup is that it's ideal for observing the movements of the tea(as how it behaves itself interacting with the glaze).

There was this particular song I was hearing inside my head when drinking this tea:

I hope you'll this song and maybe just like me, drink a cup of tea while listening to it =)

The small but thick leafs

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