zaterdag 9 juni 2012

Jade Oolong - Tea House Oolong

I've been kind of busy with studying lately so I wasn't able to brew a lot of tea and if I was I prefered to just enjoy it without taking pictures, writing notes etc... Yesterday I arrived home again and today the first thing I did was making a nice cup of tea. I had no idea which one I should make today. I decided to take this sample I once received from this Dutch webshop of Jade Oolong. I remembered that a few months ago I really like that tea so I wanted to see if my taste has changed or not.

The tea wasn't stored that properly because I didn't have any porcelain pots left so it was just stored in some paper. The tea didn't have an intense smell when it was dry. The balls were very little and slightly roasted. I made this competition style (3g for 6 minutes). I once made this tea together with my mom a few months ago and I remember that I loved the ripe fruity flavours that developped with some bitter,roasting hints.

The colour of this tea is this very calm yellow. It's a soft and gentle colour reminding me a little bit of chickensoup, haha! The smell was quite surprising for me. I expected these intense, ripe fruity flavours but instead I received this smell that reminded me a lot of my grandma's cauliflower with cheesesauce with black pepper. (Wow, a lot of food in this tea. It contains soup,main dish and dessert!). The taste of this tea was not sweet but not bitter either, something I would describe as 'woody'. I store all of my teas in this wooden closet, maybe it absorbed some of the flavours or maybe it's just from the roasting? In the aftertaste I was able to pick up those ripe fruits I was longing for. All in all this tea wasn't very complex nor gave it me a feeling I wanted to drink this tea again. It was this kind of 'mwah' tea. Ofcourse it was still better than any ind of teabags. But besides the fact that it wasn't world greatest tea I'm very happy that I brewed this tea again because it reminded me how lucky I am that I'm able to drink these high quality teas. Because if you only drink superior, world class teas than they become just 'average'. Sometimes you need something less to appreciate what you are drinking. We all sometimes forget how lucky we actually are, not only in drinking tea but also that we all have a roof above our head, internet connection to talk to people all over the world, daily food etc... Tea really is the beginning of apprecation.

Just love the colour in the middle

Small,damaged leafs

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