zondag 24 juni 2012

Tea in the rain

Lovely colours
For my birthday (15th of June) I bought myself 3 grams of a 70'ies loose puerh tea. The original plan was that I would brew it on my birthday but because of my examinations and people coming by to congratulate me I thought I should keep it till I find a quiet moment, undisturbed. That moment arrived today and it couldn't be more ideal for consuming puerh tea. It is a cold, grey, rainy day. Not the kind of days where you wanna drink a fruity oolong but rather a strong,warming puerh.

This blog won't be long because I don't even wanna try to put my feelings into words 'cause it is impossible. Knowing that around 40 years ago (when my parents were maybe 5 years old) a few people were harvesting this tea under miserable circumstances during the cultural revolution , stored for over more than 40 years and now I am drinking this. It's just unbelievable, there are these moments in life where you just wanna cry because you are experiencing something so unique. It's this feeling you can't explain and some people may not experience it in their lifetime.
I did my best to take some nice pictures but I don't have a proffesional camera nor am I a good photographer though I hope you'll enjoy the pictures and you are able to feel a little bit like how I felt during this tea session. Reviewing this tea won't do it any justice but I just want to say it had the most beautiful red colour I ever saw in tea, it was like a very old sherry whisky. The taste was so balanced and I could steep it for more than half an hour and it wouldn't get bitter. And the aftertaste just lingers in your mouth for hours! It's amazing.

Some leafs are still intact

I'm still trying to find a good foto editing program, if one of you followers could recommend me someone it would make me very happy and you can expect better blogs :)

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  1. I hope it's not too late to wish you a happy Bday! I'm glad you enjoyed this old puerh for this special occasion. Notice how the color wasn't black! Now you will never mistake shu for old sheng, if you keep this tea in your memory.

  2. Thank you! I see this as your present for my birthday, you gave me the oppertunity to try this tea and it's something I'll never forget. I was so surprised by the colour, it's so intense and deep red.