dinsdag 3 juli 2012

2011 Spring Jinxuan from Alishan

Yesterday the last person of the Erasmus project left. Everybody went back to there home countries so there is no reason for me anymore to stay in the city where I study. Irune (Spanish student) stayed with me for the last 3 days. I introduced her to good quality tea and she seemed to like it. Yesterday Anen (also Spanish student) came over to have BBQ together and watch the finals. I knew that he was seriously interested into martial arts so I did a gong fu teaceremony for them with a roasted Alishan. I hope I was able to introduce them a little bit in the wonderful world of teas and that next time they go buy tea they might buy some more quality leafs. So today I'm home alone so I wanted to enjoy the quietness. Because it was so hot I went to sit on our terras under the roof. While making the tea I did some meditation excercises. A great way to start the day! The tea I'm drinkin today is a jinxuan from Alishan grown at 1400m from teamasters. It was harvested 8 April Spring 2011.

I was quite anxious trying this jinxuan variety because I know when I brew them slightly too long lots of them get this bitter/soupy flavour I detest. The first brew I was very carefuly and I made it very short but when I sipped it I knew that I was worrying for nothing. This tea is so smooth and has such a great body! The next brews were a lot longer than the first one. I was so amased by this tea. The first 3 steeps were very fruity, never experienced such a fruity jinxuan/Alishan, later on the taste got more delicate and flowery. This tea has such delicate flavors but still it is very strong and clear. I think this tea has one of the best bodies/mouthfeel I've experienced so far. It felt like a waterfall going through my mouth and throat cleansin everything on its way. The qi it gave me helped me with meditating. I was so relaxed still more attentful for details. I could feel the wind moving every hair of my arms, my muscles relaxing, the cooling effect of the wind on my face.
The Cha Xi I made for this tea suited it perfectly. The delicate piece of Japanese cotton I placed it on, the simple but strong plants that resembles its body. The whole set up is simpel (not a very complex tea) but strong and direct. The leafs of this tea also resemble this, it were one of the biggest (and round) leafs I witnessed so far. Also they were rug and strong.

 The branches are quite long. This means the plants suddenly had lots of sun and the buds started to grow very quickly. Plants who grow in relative high day temperatures and cold night temperatures tend to be more longer and contain smaller (but more) leafs.
Know that I have relative big hands

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