woensdag 25 juli 2012

Henhuanshan winter 2011

Today I'm leaving to Hungary for 9 days so I wanted to pamper myself a little bit by brewing a Henhuanshan oolong tea from last winter. It's a sample I bought from Mei Lan (Tea arts Antwerp) and I was very excited to try it! The tea is grown at an altitude of
2200m and is from the Chingxin cultivar.
The tea is just slightly oxidized and saw a little roasting just to preserve its freshness. The dry smell is sweet but with some greenish accents. Once I put it in my preheated gaiwan the sweet aromas come out and indulge my nose. I have a weakness for sweets so I was pretty sure I would love this tea already.
Describing this tea is kind of difficult for me because of my lacks of experience with such high quality teas. It is so complex yet so stable and pure. This tea doesn't have one particular flavour but it's a complex mixture of everything. It's like when you're standing near the coast you can smell the ocean, in south Taiwan you can smell the heat from the ground, in the forest you are able to smell the trees and plants... but this tea is like standing on the top of a mountain and you are able to smell a little bit of ocean, a little bit of forest, smell the soil. When tasting this tea it was like a perfume sprayed on my tongue with hints of pinetree, subtile hints of vanilla, flowers and later some slight peaches. It barely has any astringency at all even how long I steep and it keeps going forever. If I could describe this tea in 1 word it would be: gentle.

The leafs of this tea were dark green and just had a slight oxidation
They were strong and thick but still preserved their youth and
freshness. They slowly release their aromas every steep and you
can easily brew 5-6 short steep while the later ones take slightly
longer but have more sweetness in them. A fabulous tea and
a good way to start my 'tealess' journey to Hungary!                                                                       

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