zondag 22 juli 2012

Red Da Yeh

Today's tea is from the East part of Taiwan, harvest the 26th of June by hand. It's a sample from Teamasters and I know in a previous blog I mixed it up with an OB sample. So this review is the Red Da Yeh for sure and it's quite different from the OB. While the OB is full bodied and sweet this tea has some more woody in it. The initial dry smell is quite sweet and reminds me of dried peaches. The soup has a remarkable sweet sence of ripe, red fruits. The taste is quite different than the smell which makes it very interesting, they kind of balance eachother. The smell might be overwhelming sweet/fruity and take away any complexity  but because of the more woody taste it gets very balanced still complex. The initial taste on the tong is woody and slightly bitter (mainly because I tend to brew reds a bit stronger than oolong because I think it gives a more deeper taste, otherwise they lack body) while the taste in the back of the throat are more the remenesces of the ripe, dark fruits who cut through again.
 Because of the excellent weather (after weeks and weeks of rain) I'm enjoying this cup of tea outside. What's more relaxing than sitting in the couch, brewing some beautiful sweet red tea while enjoying the music of the birds and watching the trees move because of a slight,refreshing breeze. These are the moments in life where you feel so at ease, so close with yourself and nature that it's impossible to not have a smile of satisfaction. The leafs of this tea are almost totally black with here and there some brown tips. Once brewed the leafs turn into a beautifull copper, orangy colour, almost like the colour of the brew it gives. Right now I'm doing a final steep to extract last bits of flavour out of this tea. For me this tea really resemblances the summer. It contains the sweet fruits of Taiwan but also the earthy, woody character of it's earth where these plants are grown.  The colour of this tea can atleast be called intense. It was like pouring maple syrup into my cups, luckily it didn't taste like maple syrup. Again, I'm greatly satisfied with this tea. Now I'll stop writing and enjoy another cup of tea =)

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