maandag 6 augustus 2012

Jin Xuan from Mei Lan

After a great holiday in Hungary I'm finaly back. It was a great journey and I was able to taste some excellent Hungarian wine while I also discovered that I like good quality, handmade cigars (because I had the oppertunity to try some excellent cohiba's). It was a journey of tasting many different things, most of those 'things' were (microbrewery) beers. My Hungarian friend is passionated about beer and as the Belgian I am so am I. Soon I might start a beer blog though it won't be as active as this tea blog.

Lets go back to tea, will we? So after this vacation I'm finaly able to brew some fine oolong tea again and on todays menu is a Jin Xuan I bought from Mei Lan and I consider one of the most impressive teas I've tasted. It's from this years spring and it's grown in Aowanda on about 1200-1800m.

The tea has a flowery sweet aroma and looks dark green with some white spots. It was slightly roasted just to get rid of extra moisture and to preserve freshness. Till now the tea smells and looks like an average,daily oolong but now comes the surprise! Once you put this tea in your preheated gaiwan the most wonderful,sweet aroma's start to develop and start to please your nostrils. It smells like a creamy,sweet green tea. The first brew is already so thick in body, so incredible smooth and sweet that you can't wait for the 2nd brew! The mouthfeel of this tea is so pleasant and while it might be 1 dimensional the first brew, the later brews are much more complex and bring more variety.
At first there is the unmistakeable thick sweetness that fills your mouth with joy but later there are some very flowery aromas vaporising in your mouth like somebody sprayed with a lovely,flowery perfume supported by underlying tones of subtle nectarine or even apricot. The sweetness starts to go away the 3rd brew but it stays amazingly smooth and full bodied though the flowery aromas overpower. It stay strong till the 5th brew but with some longer brews you can still extract lots of flavours from this tea.

The tea contains lots of small,young buds which is a good sign. You can clearly see the Jin Xuan shape of the leaf which is more rounded and has a rather thick middle. Also you can see that some roasting is done.
Making this tea is such a joy, it certainly will cheer you up on a moody day because what makes a person more happier than sweets and flowers? I guess this tea will be consumed in just a mather of days!

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