vrijdag 28 september 2012

Beginning of the weekend

After a full week without tea (because of school) I returned home full of excitement because during the week my mom texted me saying that there is a big package waiting for me. Never was so excited to come home again. And because pictures say more than a thousand of words:

Beautiful wrapper
My first puerh cake. The original idea was to buy a cake with the same age as I but then Mei Lan told me that my birth might have been important for my parents but for me it holds no memory. It would be more interesting to buy a cake now and let it age with you as a tealover, so I did! This tea is a Bulang from Tea of Essence. I first ordered 2 samples (the Bulang and the Bangwei 33). With some help from David and following my gut feeling I went for the Bulang because of it's aging potential. Soon I'll review both of these teas.

Enough writing for today, I'm going back to my Da Yu Ling session.

Feels like Spring!

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