zaterdag 20 oktober 2012

Another Bulang 2011

You see any difference?
Another Bulang but now from 2011, that's all I know from this sample! I took out my own cake from EoT to compare both of them. The EoT smell is much more abundant than the other Bulang. The sample smells weak but I do recognize some similarities. I layed down the sample piece on my cake and they almost looked exactly the same. My cake might have slightly more buds and is less compressed but besides that the looks are identical. The only thing that could seperate the two, is the smell. Once put in my preheated gaiwan the only thing I could smell was a bittersweet hay scent. Till then I was kind of disappointed and didn't expect too much.
The first cup was elegant, just slightly bitter with some woody notes..... that was just the first brew. From the second to the aprox.10th brew the tea was medium in body but contained lots of bitterness just like my own Bulang. There was a lot of wood and nuttiness together with some brief moments of sweet mango. After each swallow it felt like a wood fragnance was sprayed in your mouth and refused to go away. As with the preivous Bulang I drank, there is also this erotic/musky/primal scent that sticks in my cup. After 9 steeps I was kind of getting tired of this bitterness because my mouth felt so dry but that's the moment when it happens. It takes about 2 steeps for its full make-over but suddenly the bitterness decreases with atleast 70% and more fruity flavors appear. There is lots of peach and some citrus, where later more lychee flavors start to stick in your mouth. My mom tasted this tea in its bitterphase and she hated it. A bit later I told her to try it again and at her first sip I saw the surprise in her eyes. 'Now this is an insanely sweet and fruity tea, it's so sweet!' she replied.

 This tea is so simular to my own Bulang, maybe because they are so young their bitterness is overwhelming and takes away some complexity that probably will get noticeable in a few years. I should make both teas at the same time one day to really see the difference because memory can be tricky sometimes. I greatly enjoyed this tea - though sometimes the bitterness was overwhelming- because it's so unpredictable and challenging to brew, it requires constant attention. Kind of curious how an old Bulang will taste - guess I'll have to be patient and wait!

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