maandag 1 oktober 2012

Bulang 2012 from Essence of Tea

I don't have much experience with puerh tea but I'll do my best to describe the flavours I experienced as accurate as possible. Have to say it was quite the challenge to analyze this tea because I'm so unfamiliar with this type of tea. First some info about this tea. It is made from 2 different maochas. One is from the Manmu village and the other one from a few km away. They tried (and succeeded) to blend the two teas to bring balance to the cake. When I take a piece of tea it feels oily and alive with fresh, citrus aromas mixed with some fresh hay. Puerh always reminds me a bit of the cow stables where I used to go to when I was a little kid to buy butter.
The tea seems to contain lots of white,hairy buds which I guess is a good sign for delicate aromas.  The first brews were difficult to manage, it's a beast that doesn't want to be tamed. I used as less tea as possible but still the first brews were insanely powerful. Besides the strenght of this tea the bitterness it contained gave a pleasant feeling in the mouth with some sweet woody tones. When my cup was finished I gave it a smell and the only way I can describe this smell is as 'erotic'.  The aftertaste is long and dry. After about 9 infusions the tea suddenly changes character as it has been tamed. Suddenly extremely mellow and sweet tones appear. The bitter tones gradually fade away till there is only Godlike sweetness left with lots of overripe fruits. Never have I been so surprised by a tea. I could clearly distinguish sweet, red grapes in the palate. I forgot how many infusions I eventually made but I can say for sure it was A LOT! Even my mom didn't believe me when I told her that the bitter tea she tried last week now tasted sweet as candy.

  One of the things I noticed was that by using this thick cup (made by a good friend) the tea appeared to have a thicker body and to be more robustic. This tea doesn't fit in a delicate cup because it's such a stubborn tea. Wouldn't say this was the best tasting tea I ever had ( I still prefer oolong for every day drinking) but it was a wonderful experience. I'm happy to have bought this cake because I know I will have life long pleasure from this one.

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