zaterdag 8 december 2012

Baozhong Lily Flower-the snow edition

Yesterday I came home from my dorm and felt like a little child opening Teamaster's package. When trying his Baozhong I felt like being on a mountain peak covered with snow. On his blog I wrote that this tea was 'crisp and delicate like a snowflake' and that I would love to drink this in the snow. I think the Gods heard my prayer because when I woke up today I saw the sun low at the horizon, the grass covered with icy snow and fog. Happy as a child I ran outside and started my tea session.

This was the first time that I bought a Baozhong so it was a whole new experience with new tastes and textures to discover. The leafs look rather small and fragil with rather high amounts of chlorophyll. On Teamaster's blog it is mentioned that the leafs were harvested on 22 october by hand in Wenshan and because of dry and cold weather condition the yield was low but of a good quality. The smell is a bit grassy and reminds me of dried flowers - which ones I cannot say, flowers are not my expertise.

The brew looks clear and bright. Because of the dry and pure air, the aroma spreads itself even more intense than usual and blends in perfectly with the athmosphere. The first sip is sweet, elegant and flowery. It's almost like you are drinking mountain air. When you breath out the flowery aroma cools your mouth and gradually becomes one with the outside air. It's such a lovely feeling drinking this tea in the crispy, cold air. It's not about taste or complexity anymore but about the experience and texture.

In most blogs (and in most other things in life) I'm a very analytical person but this time I didn't want to describe the flavors and analyze them to the bone. In this blog I want to let the tea speak for itself - or atleas the pictures. It might be not the most complex or sophisticated tea but it sure gave me the most intense tea experience so far. The only thing that kept me away from an almost meditative state was going back inside to boil the water. In the future I might have to invest in a stove because tea outside feels much more real to me and the tea.

young leafs and buds give delicate aromas
Hope you enjoyed this blog and you'll enjoy reading many more.

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