zondag 2 december 2012

Sun Moon Lake #21

A couple of weeks ago I already reviewed another red SML made by mr.Wang and while that one was quite good, this one just surpasses every red tea I had so far. Number 21 is a very recent cultivar developped in 2008. If I'm correct it's a cross between a Keemin and an Indian Kyang- the result is a complex tea with an unique character. It was challenging describing all the flavors that came out of this tea and how they gradually changed over time.
The dry leaves looked big and beared a dry, refined flowery scent. Once they were put in a warm gaiwan the aromas changed into something so complex that I wasn't able to describe it accurate, the most I can say is an intense mixture of sweet flowers with ripe plums - the taste of this tea was surprisingly different.
The smell of the brew reminded me of wet heylands, red cabbage with apples and honey covered corn while the taste had this concentrated, refined woody bitterness - probably from the Indian cultivar- which delighted my taste papils. There were lots of vegetables in the taste (asparagus, chicory), woody tones and now and then some orange notes dared to show up though quickly beaten down the other, more presenescent flavours. When this tea cooled down a little, more sweet and malty flavours appeared on the stage but still accompagnied by a slight bitterness so it wouldn't turn into bland sweetness. The tea is also very forgiving, it doesn't mind at all if you steep it a bit too long and will do anything to please your tastebuds! In later, longer infusions the tea becomes almost like a young sheng puer, it has the same distinctive taste as well it gains a more fruity and citrus character.
The leafs are big and strong, mostly seperate leafs but here and there also some buds. Yesterday I found a leaf atleast twice as big as the ones showed above. Most of them still have a bit of green in the middle, as a good steak baked saignant or à point.

This tea certainly receives a place in my top 3 so far. It's something special that I will cherish for special occasions. Perhaps these guys underneath are singing about tea?

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  1. If the tea makes you think of this song it just has to be a marvellous product!
    "Never a frown with golden brown"

  2. TTS#21 is indeed a very marvellous red tea. It is still very rare in Taiwan, because of limited plantation and production. It is difficult to market it aboard when it is not yet able to reach its volume production. It is highly recommended to tea collectors. For more info, contact Mei Lan Hsiao, Belgium Chinese Tea Arts Centre, info@chinese-tea-arts.com