woensdag 26 december 2012

Teamaster's Winter Alishan 2012

It's first day after christmas and suddenly the rain stopped and some beams of sunshine appeared. I can barely remember the last day it didn't rain - well I guess that's the fate of being a Belgian.
I wanted to review this tea earlier but because of the rain, I didn't feel brewing such a delicate oolong.

The leaves are tightly rolled and look dark green/blue. Their smell is refined, strong and reminds me a bit of these little bags filled with lavender. The scents turns more into a sweet, honey-like flower scent once put in my warm gaiwan, very promising so far!

The first brew smells like sugarcane mixed with some white flowers. When taking a sip it feels like the tea immediately vaporises in your mouth, coating everything and releasing it aromas for the next couple of minutes. Drinking this tea is almost the same as taking a breath mint, everything feels so pure and clean. I always like to let one of the cups filled with tea cool down because the flavours tend to change drastically. The brew feels thicker,sweeter and creamy! It feels like it's a total different tea though the flowery aspect is still there with a bit of apricot bitter. The second brew turns out to be much more intense in the flower/perfume part of the palate and a little bit less creamy. Later brews become more balanced with a vanilla-like smell - it doesn't smell like vanilla but it has this same kind of thick, sweet smell that's so unique to vanilla. I've been able to get 6 brews out of this one which is outstanding! Maybe I could get out even 1 or 2 more if I let it steep for 1-2 hours.

The leaves are one of the biggest and thickest I've seen so far. Because this is the 'fruity' version of Teamaster's Alishan, the edges are slightly more oxidized which I prefer because less oxidized teas tend to be over pungent. This tea was such a light in the dark after drinking so much hung shui and red teas, it felt like a little angel on my tongue. For me this tea is what I expect from Teamaster's gao shan selection: refined, pure, elegant and perfumy. Outstanding! Wished I bought some more of this one.

Beams of sunshine sometimes come through
PS: The rain has started yet again...

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