zaterdag 22 december 2012

Wild Lin Qui

Today my mom allowed me to open up my christmas packages already because tomorrow she and my dad will leave for their holiday in Sweden. I was planning on brewing a red tea but doubting which setting I should use. It made me very happy when I opened the packages because in there were some nice fabrics!

The that I brewed today was given to me by Mei Lan a couple of weeks ago. It is named 'Wild LinQui' and is completely handmade. She told me that in the beginning she wasn't that psyched about it but now that it had the time to age for a couple of years it got a lot better.

The shape of the leafs are irregular and so is the colour. Most of them are not fully black, containing lots of red and green parts. It has to be the 'most less oxidized' black tea I've seen so far. In it's dry form it secretes a perfumy smell that reminds me of SML #21. Later when put in the warm gaiwan, it gives a more animal-like smell.(and I mean this in a positive way. Muscus I consider as animal smell). The first brew of this tea was very light, much lighter than expected with no sight of a red colour at all.
The taste of this tea reminded me of young sheng puer. It had the same kind of bitterness, not that much bitterness in the way of contraction in the mouth but more as a none-active, tasty bitterness. Here and there some sweet, a bit vanilla flavours were spotted but they stayed well hidden on the background. I felt that the tea was muted a bit and stayed muted during the session, maybe because of it's age I should have heaten it up for a longer period of time? In the 2nd and 3rd brew, the tastes are developping some more but refuse to stand out.

I wonder if these more primitive tastes are a characteristic of wild tea. There are no signs of big perfumy, fruity flavours that stand out like in garden grown teas, they often taste extremel flowery or fruity. This tea is subtle and carries earthy flavours.
Not sure what I have to think about this tea, I find it's flavour profile promising but lacking some pungency. I'll save the last bits of this sample to brew another time, hopefully it will open next time because it feels I found a beautiful flower but it refuses to open it buds!

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