zaterdag 5 januari 2013

Hojo's Tie Guan Yin Lan Yun

This morning I was lying peacefully in an orchid field with the sun on my face, cutting some lemon skin for my dry martini and taking bites from a dangerous succulent apricot. Meanwhile a farmer was loading up fresh hay on his rear trailer..... oh forgive me! I meant I was drinking some darn good TGY on a rainy, grey day; atleast it made me feel good! To be honest, I don't drink that much TGY and I felt it never competed to my so beloved Taiwanese gao shan. This one on the other hand is coming close, just not there yet. According to Hojo's newsletter, this tea was harvested in late Spring because they tend to wait till the buds are full grown leaves. After the harvest they receive a strong fermentation/oxidation together with the stems, when this step is completed, they remove the stems and the red edges. This explains why the tea is looking so damaged, I always thought I was drinking some low quality TGY. The dry leaves looked intensely green and long, the aroma was quite strong and flowery.

The first brew was delicate, buttery and smooth. Contrary to the brew, the leafs were releasing strong scents of fresh hay, citrus fruits, orchids and a slight hint of vegetables. The second brew became stronger and more intense in every aspect, this trend continued till the 4th brew. Not only the floweriness became stronger, hints of apricot fruits also appeared in the play. In the beginning the colour was quite pale but again, later on it turned more orange.

As you can see on this picture; the leafs are big, stug and ragged. It was interesting to try another TGY, gives me more information about what to expect next time- I can honestly count the times I've drank TGY on 1 hand.  It's good, it's refreshing, it's elegant but for me it lacks a bit of complexity and sharpness. My mom would love this tea for sure; she detests any kind of bitterness in tea. So conclusion: it was quite the joy drinking this tea, it just wasn't a groundbreaking experience.

PS: apologies for the picture quality, for some reason my camera doesn't perfom well when it's grey outside. It needs natural light.

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