woensdag 2 januari 2013

Tea centre Antwerps- Hung shui from Nantou

I've been drinking this tea for some time now since I bought at Mei Lan's place, back there it convinced me with it's spicy, cinnamon notes. I don't have much information except that it is a hung shui from a less known mountain in Nantou. The dry scent is already a bit spicy, also a bit similar to wheat biscuits. They look more brown than the usual hung shui, who have a more darker appearance. The brown look of the leafs already reveal that this one will be quite high in oxidation. The balls also seemed to have loosened a bit up during the roasting.

I decided to brew this roasted tea in my teapot because I feel they receive a fuller, more rounded body. The first odors of the warm leaves is a combination of honey covered bread with Eastern spices (cinnamon, clove), swiss milk chocolate and a bit of oakiness - it almost feels like i'm describing a speyside whisky over here. It smelled promising and the taste didn't let me down, it felt exactly like the nose. It might be a bit boring sometimes, when the nose is exactly the same as the mouth but you know what you'll get. It's extremely frustrating when you've got a great nose, get your hopes up high and then everything falls apart with the mouth. When the tea was still hot, I also could notice some citrus and flowers in the end with an aftertaste that didn't stay there for too long but long enough. As it cooled down, the milky chocolate notes became more prominent. One of the later brews (I think I made 5 in total), I did in my gaiwan to see what would be the difference. The creamier, chocolate notes disappeared but instead I received a nice bouqet of flowers.

In the last brew, the tea turned a bit more red/brown and started to show off lots of red tea similarities. Some of the leafs are big and stugg while others are still small and contain buds. You can clearly see the stronger grade of oxidation. It's a interesting every day tea with a strong personality and for it's price/quality.

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