zondag 20 januari 2013

Teamaster's Gankou fresh

Finaly I've found some time of peace during the hectic exam period. This tea has been on my mind for quite some time but I didn't find the right moment to do it justice, now is the time! The windows of our house are fully covered with snow, hence the lack of light. To introduce this tea I'm just going to say what I found on Teamaster's blog. This particular tea is grown on a very low elevation, about 100m above sealevel. The cultivar that produces this tea was imported 100 years ago from wuyi mountain and is surrounded by big trees to protect them from the harsh, salty seawinds. It's harvested in this year's Spring and slightly roasted.

It's one of the strangest oolongs I've seen so far. The shapy is very irregular, some of them are round while others are flat but the characteristic that surprised me the most was the pale, grey colour. It looks like it's covered with salt, straaaaangeeeeee or what? The smell feels dry, bit like poffed rice. Once I heated these little fellows up, the smell stayed exactly the same but only stronger..... kind of expected more that time, not knowing yet what was about to come.

When brewing this tea, my nose picked up odors of sour blueberries. This tea can't get any stranger! When sipping, it has a big minerality and a rather full body. It might not be that complex but its basic compounds are outstanding, it's like a rock hitting you right in the face. Around these basic flavors, some interesting notes start to develop. There is this sour touch, reminding me of fresh blueberries. When cooled down, the fruity sourness becomes more prominent and it has this oxidation character (which I always like to call the 'plastic flavour', and suprisingly it's a flavor that I adore!). It feels like I'm reviewing a wine instead of a tea. The sourness increases in later brews, as well does the sweetness - I suspect somebody added some honey to my tea while I wasn't looking.

The leafs of this tea are a bit more oxidized than usual and very stiff, matches its character perfectly. I thoroughly enjoyed this tea. Don't expect a 10 minute long aftertaste or a perfume explosion in your mouth from this tea, instead it will give you big, strong flavours with lots of character. It's such a great drink for its price, I regret that I didn't buy the roasted version as well.
Well, I'm going to drink another cup and go back to study; agricultural laws and regulations..... fun!

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