zondag 3 februari 2013

Teamaster's Spring hung shui from Shan Lin Shi 2011

Hung shui.... my winter love, my comfort during rainy days and razing winds. Harvest in April 2011 at 1500m altitude, this tea had the chance to rest and refine itself. The dry aroma is a bit flowery, sweet and a bit like roasted malts. Colour wise, they look uniform and dark blue. They have only been medium roasted and it seems perfectly done. Damn, it really looks tasty, right? Lets brew!

Warm, roasty aroma's diffuse into the air. After about 30 seconds I pour the first cup. I place a little Mr.Blonde dance: this is exactly what I need. While I believe that roasting takes away a bit of the teas unique character, this one still contains that flowery, perfumy character that's so typical for Shan Lin Shi. It isn't that strong anymore or that refined but it's still there. In the unroasted version, these notes will form the basic compounds of this tea, the floor where the actors play on. In this roasted version it's the other way around; the seaweed and roasted malts form the stage where flowery and fruity notes appear on.

The first brew reminds me of white chocolate, the 2nd of dark chocolate and the 3rd one becomes a bit juicier again. More brews are following but because they take slightly longer, I find the time writing this review. The leaves looks beautiful, so dark! You can see they had an excellent, slow roast. No spots of burning whatsoever. If I have to make any comment on this tea: it's lack of depth. Cannot wait to try the winter version, I think that my taste buds will totally dig that one. I'm quite cursious what will happen if they would give these gao shan oolongs a bit more fermentation, it might give a fuller,fruitier taste when they have received some roasting. Anyways, I'm going to get some more of this delicious drink.

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