zondag 10 februari 2013

Teamaster's Winter hung shui from Shan Lin Shi 2011

This tea was right on the spot, it's where all of the hung shui should be. A strong statement but I believe this tea comes close to being a perfect hung shui. As I mentioned in my previous blog, some of them miss depth and body, especially high mountains who still try to maintain that flowery note - at the cost of a richer, fuller body. Now this one, this one doesn't care about flowery notes. It's much more quieter than the Spring version. It looks darker, it has less of a scent, it's rolled a bit tighter... Because it received a slightly higher roast, I was scared for some off-notes but luckily there was nothing to get scared about.

At the first sip, I knew I was going to enjoy this tea a lot more than the Spring version. It's body is full, a play between bitter and sweet notes. It would match perfectly with a chocolate rum dessert or crème brûlée. As always, the 1st brew was the sweetest and  the 3rd one contained some more roasted, malty flavors. It's less aggressive than Spring's version and feels a lot smoother in the mouth, it only can get smoother and smoother over the next couple of years. The aftertaste is there as well though less prominent in taste but it feels deeper. I hope that in the future, more hung shui will lean towards the slightly deeper fermented, slow roasted style with deeper flavors. This is the fun and frustrating part about tea.... the constant search to find that ideal flavour - never to be found because of our constant changing palate.

Because of Chinese New Year, I put a lot of red in my set up to scare off the man eating monster (atleast, that's what they told me!). So to all my readers, I wish you a happy Chinese New Year and that you may all enjoy great tea, and above all, outstanding health.

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