zaterdag 16 maart 2013

Hojo's Sencha jubuzan

This tea formed the base of the hojicha I review last week though the characteristics are totally different. My knowledge about Japanese greens, as well their geological location, is limited and my palet still undeveloped but I'm going to give it my best shot writing a kind of decent review. The jubuzan mountain is located between the Wazika and Uji Dawara. It is grown in a pesticide and fertilizer free farm hence the lighter colour that'll become noticeable onces the leafs opened themselves. The initial, dry smell of the leafs just reminds me of hay... it reminds me of my soon to come hayfever.

Hojo's names this tea 'aracha', which means there is no additonal roasting just a drying proces. I just followed the websites guidelines: about 2g of tea for 100ml. My gaiwan felt a bit empty and my sceptism about the quantity rises. The first brew steeped for 90 seconds with a water temperature between 80-90, I refuse to measure the exact temperature, there's enough exact science in my life already. My gaiwan gave birth to a delicious, unami-rich brew that was devored with great pleasure. It was a tad flowery, some seaweed and lots of grassy/hey flavours. The thing I like about Japanese tea is the almost meaty texture, the flavour comes second. For the second brew, I read it barely should take a few seconds. The result was a weak brew, as expected. For the 3rd and final brew I steeped it for about a minute, this time it had more flavor but still it's standing in the shade of the 1st brew. The taste was quite the same but less intense with a more mineral touch. Next time I should listen to my gut and use some more tea, the more I'm dirnking the tea, the stronger my brews are becoming because I start to appreciate the pleasant bitterness.
Barely any chlorophyl

This tea has drawn my attention and convinced me to try some more japanese teas now and then. It'll be a new chapter in my tea story with a lot of failures and moments of joy.
Next week: my first Chinese green tea!

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