vrijdag 17 mei 2013

EoT's half-handmade rou gui 2011

 Yancha... the tea where so many people are lyrical about. A tea that sounded appealing to me, nevertheless it was unable to convince me... until today. What made this breakthrough happen? It's a very simple answer: using more tea. A few days ago, when I tried it with a smaller amount of tea, it left me unsatisfied and regretting the money I've spend. Again, it confirmed my dislike for yancha. Today it was a totally different story. I was preheating my gaiwan, walking around to find some stuff, not really expecting anything of this tea. I threw the rest of my sample in the flaming hot gaiwan, put the lid on and went to check if our wood stove was still burning. Unprepared of what was going to happen in a few seconds, I removed the lid of my gaiwan... and that was the moment when the yancha intoxicated me with its magic, it's beautiful, sweet and fruity magic. After smelling it for I don't know how many minutes, I gave it a rince and started smelling again. If you would be able to capture this smell in a perfume,you would be a millionaire!

The fragnance of this tea was sweet, thick and fruity. When tasting, the smooth roasting felt like a panel, on which were painted other flavours as peach and longan. Couldn't get enough of it, as it warmed my body on this cold, rainy day with it's rich and full flavours. After 3 steeps, its fragnance became more mild and it's palate less complex but still thirst quinching.

Now, lets just pray I can control my hunger for more yancha because I'm quite sure my wallet cannot handle such cravings every day!

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