zaterdag 4 mei 2013

EoT's TGY 2011 autumn harvest

According to Hobbes, I seem to be one of those 'fascinating girl-man hybrids' who enjoy a refined cup of Tie Guan Yin. TGY seems to have a lot of characteristics we consider feminine, well now I happen to be a healthy, young man with a healthy appetite for woman... or TGY in this case.

On their website it says this is an organic grown Tie Guan Yin - which seems quite difficult to find nowadays- produced from older treas around Yaoyang village in Xiping, Anxi.

It's dry aroma is already pungent and has a lovely lavender touch to it.

Yesterday I already did a small session with this tea, today I decided to throw in the rest of the sample I bought. The gaiwan packed quickly when the leafs started to expand though no bitterness made way to the brew, no matter how long I steeped it. What I like about this particular tea is its amazing aroma, it's so pure and penetrates deep into your olfactory system, resulting in great satisfaction.
It has a thick, full and buttery mouthfeel gradually changing into a subtile, lingering perfum that starts in the throat and goes way up to your nose. It's flavor profile is quite consistent though is able to keep you interested enough with minimal change. Later on it might become a bit more fruity/soapy and the buttery feeling fades away. On a warm day like this, it cools the body, making it a great refreshment during the heat of the afternoon- yes, to me 23-25°C is scorching heat until my body had a few weeks time to adjust.

The leafs vary a lot in size but all of them are stugg and thick, resulting in many enjoyable brews.

As always I'm pleased with EoT their teas, they might not be for everyday drinking, atleast not for me, but I thoroughly enjoy the few occasions I can drink them. They have what I'm looking for: pure, clean and refined teas. I'm sad this session is finished already, going to try to push them leafs for the very last time.

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