donderdag 27 juni 2013

Origin's tea winter Da Yu Ling

Tea! At last! After a tough exam period and a lovely trip to Budapest, I'm finaly back home with my beloved tea and where better to start than with teachat's praised winter DYL of origin tea. You can smell it's outstanding price/quality ratio from the moment you open the bag, strong flowery aroma which makes my expectations sky rocket. It seems to be rolled fairly loose, with highly visable stems. Tony from origintea told me to brew with ample leaf and it upgraded my tea experience big time.

Time to unleash this (elegant) beast! I've taken tasting notes from every brew but because of the complexity of this tea it is completely useless for others, I'd rather tell you my impressions I had of this tea. It has all of the classic goashan elements: crisp, sweet floweriness with a deep aftertaste and a slightly buttery mouthfeel. The difference is in the intensity of those particular elements. I'm impressed by this tea's everchanging aftertaste that starts of with vegetal green, evolving into an intense floweriness that lingers on in the throat and ending with a dry, peach flavour that seems to last an eternity.

Every brew seems to bring this tea to a new level as new flavours arises. One of the strangest - please, hold your heart for this one- flavours I've experienced in this one has to be paprika and cookie dough. My facial expression when tasting this had to be exactly the same as yours will be right now... it was only there in that particular cup and brew but it was there for sure! I wouldn't have noticed the juicy paprika feeling if I hadn't been to Budapest, paprika seems to be their staple food.

The leafs are looking thick and dark and were able to produce more than 10 brews - I tend to stop counting after 10. So far I've only had 1 session with this tea but I can tell you already that it has a lot to offer. It is a bargain that doesn't come around often and atleast I am not able to resist
Now it's time to try to squeeze out some more tea out of these leafs!

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