dinsdag 2 juli 2013

Lishan Hua gang from Origintea

This tea from Lishan, grown at an even higher elevation than the previous DYL, didn't manage to blow me away but it did deliver a great session that I enjoyed from the beginning till the end. There seem to be a few stems but not nearly as many as with the DYL, the ball shapes also seem to vary from rather tiny to medium-big.
It seems to have a light to almost medium oxidation with a light roast that really brings out the fruity character.

I like gaoshan teas with a medium oxidation, bringing out those sweet,juicy fruity flavours. This one seems to find a nice balance between sweet fruitiness and flowery notes.

The smell reminds me of sweet biscuits with peach and high citrus notes, when it is dried down in the aroma cup it leaves a wonderful sugary pineapple smell. It starts off tasting slightly bitter like the flesh around the stone of a peach. When swallowed it seems to evaporate into a cooling haze of flowers.

The leafs are small but strong and thick, lasting for many brews - making it an equal opponent of the DYL! While its performance was outstanding and there was no major flaw to be found, it's favoured position in my teacabinet is getting endangered by another tea that has been lurking in the shadows to take it's righteous thrown.
Perhaps it might show itself in the next review?

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